Incorporated in 2002 as a private company, NDN Group has evolved over the last decade from a single digital media business in one city, to a broad-base total solution conglomerate in multiple markets.

Under the umbrella of the NDN Group, we have a strong suite of solutions and expertise in digital platforms (focusing in mobile, social media, e-commerce, big-data, content distribution and communication.) Most of NDN Group’s businesses hold firmly within the digital value chain.

NDN Specialties

Web and Mobile Development
Social Media Solutions
Big Data
Mobile Loyalty and O2O Solutions
Digital Out of Home
CRM Systems

NDN Group 3I’s


At NDN, we never stop finding a better way of doing something. Continuous Innovation is in the core of our DNA and we create new products, services, ideas, processes and technologies that are about to break into a market.


At NDN, we focus on the power of Integration. The Integration of limitless ideas is the ultimate value that we offer to our customers. And by converging all these ideas into several disciplines including social, mobile, digital, media, technology, entertainment, online and offline, we are creating infinite possibilities to our customers and users.


At NDN, we highly encourage Intrapreneurship. We allow our colleagues to focus on innovation and creativity, and having them transform an idea into a profitable venture. We encourage them to behave as entrepreneurs within the company, and allowing them to try things until successful. We offer them shares equity and having them kick starting their entrepreneurial journey and reach their own dreams.

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