The Best Time to Invest?

TMT startups are picking up momentum in the Asian market. We believe this is the best time to invest in the sector. Some key reasons are highlighted below:

/ TMT players are having a significant impact on the global stage and entrepreneurs are innovating new business models that are able to create hyper growth more quickly than any large companies in the world.

/ Numerous large-scale M&A is going on in the TMT space, and Asia is on its way to crafting a brand new startup ecosystem.

/ TMT Convergence is reflecting the increasing demand from consumers across the world.



Domestic Advantages


NDN Ventures believes there to be some excellent startups with high growth potential that are significantly undercover due to the imperfect eco-system in Asia.

Many startups formation happening in Asia in the recent year.

  - Entrepreneurs from all over the world are starting up in Asia to capture the   Chinese market.

  - Unique and dynamic advantages to build businesses in both China and   International markets.

  - Distinct characteristics such as regulations, culture and language etc.

Investing in such startups may represent an excellent opportunity to share in the huge growth potential of the TMT sector and bring investors substantial returns.